My Profit Accumulator Review – Updated June 2015

I first stumbled across it in December 2014 but didn’t actually join until February. I’ve recently decided it was time I wrote a detailed Profit Accumulator Review as there’s not many around when I google’d it. I’ll refer to it as ‘PA’ throughout my review as it’s quicker to write!

So basically, I was sick of working 40 hours a week and having little money left after rent, bills, food and a few beers after work had been paid for. Whilst considering taking up evening or weekend work in order to save for a holiday, I took it upon myself to scour the web for ways to make some extra income. I’d tried doing paid surveys, online trading and several other “get rich quick” methods that are a waste of time and money. It was one dull Tuesday afternoon on my lunch break at work that I stumbled across PA.

June 2015 Update

When I joined there were around 2000 registered members. As of writing this today, there’s almost 9000. I’m so glad I joined when I did, it can only be a matter of time until the price goes up.

I joined mid February, and have since made made:-

  • £853 in the first two weeks
  • £1371 in March as Cheltenham festival was on (easy £££ as there’s loads of offers)
  • £1240 in April (Grand National)
  • £2080 when I stepped it up, along with the Champions League semi final offers

That’s £5544 in tax free cash in four months. Insane!

What Is Profit Accumulator?

It’s a website setup to teach members how to make money through matched betting. It coaches you from knowing absolutely nothing about sports, betting and using online calculators to being able to earn at least £1000 a month. I’ve tried it, as have thousands of other people. It works. Simple as.

The concept involves taking the free money that bookmakers/casino sites/bingo sites offer you and GUARANTEEING you a risk free way of making a profit from it.

Once registered and logged in you are shown a list of offers to complete. Each offer will earn you a certain amount of money. They’re split up into beginner, advanced and ongoing. This allows you to be trained along the way and never do anything outside of your comfort zone.

Each offer has written instructions and a video tutorial to guide you along the way. There’s a list that picks out horse races and football matches for you to bet on, and a calculator that tells you exactly how much you need to bet. It does not involve gambling, the instructions, bet finder and calculator are there to eliminate any risk and make this a completely free method of making money.

Readers of this website can try before they buy > CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE FREE TRIAL.

I was a little skeptical before I joined, so I decided to sign up for the free trial. Within a day I’d made £35 from the free trial which was enough to pay for two months membership. I loved how easy it was and couldn’t wait to make more money from it.

Profit Accumulato review

Profit Accumulator simplifies a daunting yet very simple method to make money through matched betting

Is It All Just a Scam?

Having been interested in making money online since I was sixteen, I was more than used to seeing these books, systems and memberships that promise to make you a millionaire. They usually have fake images of expensive cars and mansions and promise you the world.

PA seemed a whole lot more genuine when I first came across it, compared to other matched betting and money making websites.

  • Sam, has a video of himself explaining the whole purpose of the website. His business address and contact details are all listed. This isn’t a one hit wonder, his honesty and openness made me realise its genuine and he believes in the system himself.
  • PA offers you a free trial to give you a test of the water. Any scam site wouldn’t let you register for free, as you’d probably see through it and never come back. The free trial convinces on average 97% of people that they’re onto something good.
  • PA offer a 30 day money back guarantee. So even if you pay, and later decide it isn’t for you, you’re totally welcome to get your money back. Whatever the reason, they are happy to refund anyone who wants their money back, no questions asked.
  • If this hasn’t convinced you enough, keep reading and look at some of the screenshots I’ve attached. They’re victory screenshots of my account balances or big, risk free wins that I’ve made along the way. Not only is PA genuine, its fun and exciting when you get about 6 weeks in and start making the big money!

Read Enough? Then Click Here & Join Before The Price Rises

Does Profit Accumulator Actually Work?

This is a question I get asked a lot. PA does work, exactly like it says it will on their website. There’s a Facebook forum with almost 9000 members in it. They’re all making money each day, learning, teaching and sharing. If it didn’t work, they wouldn’t be there.

In my first month as a member I was quite slow and didn’t have much time. I still made £850 in the first month, which works out at around £210 a week which is pretty nice for a second income. The next month I ramped things up, and have been earning a solid £1500 a month since then.

I had a few questions asking is it really possible to earn £2000 a month by being a Platinum member like they claim it is? I wondered this too, so I got my girlfriend to join and we did it together when we were both at home. In May we made over £2000 which proves it’s entirely possible, even when you both work full time. Read my weekly log where I made £2000 in May with PA here.

Whether you’re a stay at home mum, a student with little money, someone who works 40 hours a week or even retired, PA will work for you. Even with ten minutes ay in the evening to spare, you could easily make £500 a month. It works, it’s simple and you owe it to yourself to at least join the free trial and make the easy £35 available.

Earlier today when I was writing this review I completed an offer with Skybet. It was bet £10 on slots on your mobile and get a free £10. On average you would expect to win around £7 from this offer. I won over £100. I’ve added the screenshot below, yet more evidence that it does work.

Profit Accumulator

I made £100 on a risk free SkyBet offer yesterday. Had I not been a member, I’d have never known about it!

Profit Accumulator Forum

PA uses a Facebook group which around 90% of its members use. It has everything you need to succeed with your Platinum Membership. It has a great community that helps one another, meaning any struggles or questions you might need answering are helped and answered within minutes. Any new methods to make money, new offers, daily tips and instructions are all posted there. With it being a Facebook group it allows you to get instant access to the offers and information that is posted by the admins thanks to Facebook notifications. You can get access to the Forum here, once you’ve signed up for Platinum Membership.

Profit Accumulator Proof of Earnings

Here’s a few screenshots that I’ve saved along the way. These should be more than enough to inspire you. The last screenshot is of Callete de Fuste, Fuerteventura where I took my girlfriend on holiday, paid for entirely by money I made with PA.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 14.42.59smarkets2 Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 14.43.12 Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 14.43.23 Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 14.42.33  11117631_10153254033095020_2080899872_n

All of this money could be yours. You weren’t the first person to be cautious and visit this website to read my review, and you won’t be the last. However the review and screenshots I’ve added, and the testomnials that I took from a few members in the  Facebook Forum have been more than enough to convince several hundred of you to sign up. Of those people that have joined, not a single one has regretted it and decided to leave. I think that speaks for itself. Join the free trials and make the £35. Then go sign up for the monthly membership. £17 a month is nothing when you’re earning £2000 a month like me. And that’s on top of my 40 hour full time job.


Stop Wasting Time and Check Out Profit Accumulator NOW


I hope from reading my review you’ve gained a good insight into the membership and what it offers. I’ve never written reviews on products and memberships unless I fully believe in them. It’s quite obvious just how great I think this is, else I wouldn’t be using it myself on a daily basis!

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